Wiper Messenger

Free messaging and calling app with fun new ways to enjoy music and video.

Secure HD calling

Call worldwide for free with Wiper’s app-to-app calling. Enjoy HD sound quality. To ensure privacy, calls are encrypted and Wiper keeps no call log.

Erase texts everywhere

Just tap “Wipe” and your messages are erased instantly, everywhere. Wiper uses patent-pending technology to wipe all sides of a conversation—your phone and your friend’s, as well as any temporary record kept on Wiper servers. Other apps control how long your messages exist. With Wiper, you decide.

Discover, listen to, and share music

Privately search YouTube for music and other videos. Watch them with our in-app YouTube player, or send them to friends!

Simple, secure bitcoin payments

Wiper has a complete bitcoin wallet. Send and receive bitcoin as easily as you send and receive chats.

Informative notifications

Wiper lets you know what happens to your content. See when messages have been read or wiped. Plus, get notified if a friend snaps a screenshot or forwards a photo or video.

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Make it your decision how long your messages exist.